Onballers AFL Fit Check

When you have famous athletic men with money, chances are you’re going to see some hot, hot fashion. And lads, it gets pretty hot in these streets. As fashion correspondent for Onballers, I deep-dived the ‘gram to peep some fire fits. Don’t sleep on essential recommendations on where to cop these pieces and suggested situations to rock these threads.

This is Onballers AFL FIT CHECK.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 10.26.51 pm.png

First up is Nick Dal Santo rocking an undersized woven pea-coat and classy leather gloves. Cop the fit at your smaller sibling’s winter wardrobe and buy those gloves with cash at a suburb on the other end of town. Rock the fit at your next upscale crime, like tossing your neighbours’ sedated dog into your trunk.


Fit god Bob Murphy with the shearling jean jacket aka uggs for your arms. Cop the fit at your local General Pants with a valid groupon. Rock this look with an espresso martini at any Asian fusion joint blessed by Broadsheet.


Nick Riewoldt with the basic-basic Nike swoosh tee, a dad-fit staple. Cop this look during a three-hour visit to the airport DFO. Rock this amorphous fit at a Seminyak resort, reluctantly playing ping-pong with your girlfriend’s kid on a rainy day.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 9.58.43 pm.png

Our boy Harry McKay in a Yankees hat, Santa Cruz muscle tee and chino shorts, bringing that Glue Store spon-con flow. Rock this look on a mind-expanding trip to Sri Lanka, eating a burger with limp chips at the hotel restaurant.


Jean Jesus Bob Murphy repping American workwear with the Wrangler denim shirt. This workhorse gets a lot of mileage, leaving us with more questions than answers. Is it just the one shirt? Is it a tight rotation? Does Bobert buy one to rock and three to stock? Perfect for every public appearance instead of literally any other possible shirt for at least 5 years.


Rhys Mathieson counting two alternate takes on the vintage rock tee. Cop this look at Forever 21 found under some neatly folded Run DMC tees. Rock this look looking up ’What is Rock, actually’ on Ask Jeeves whilst second tabbing a wormhole of Alex Jones content.


Clayton Oliver getting mileage from this white OCBD (oxford cloth button down). Cop this non-descript fit at the estate sale of a deceased startup entrepreneur and rock this with your party of 4WD (four white dudes) at Sunday brunch. Yeeew.


Ducklord Joel Selwood coming through with that SSDD (same-shade double denim). Cop both parts of this defacto onesie at the nearest Politix. Rock this fit on a remote farm in country Victoria, nervously playing out the cowboy fantasies of your wealthy benefactor.

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